igienol | 2023

| rebranding

Igienol, the major player in the non-chlorine disinfectants brands on the Romani­an market, is taking a huge leap from its niche sub-segment to the super-competitive all purpose cleaners market. We stood by the brand to ensure a smooth transition and make sure Igienol carries its valuable brand equity to the new playground. Speaking of which, the market transition is paired with a change in brand addressability – the brand no longer targets only mothers, but a more general audience. However, supporting and empowering women remains the red thread of the brand’s purpose.

The new strategic brand platform boldly encourages women to find their own cleanliness standard and stick to it, disregarding exhausting social expectations.

The new design concept reflects the maturity of the brand and helps differentiate between the two product platforms – disinfectants and all purpose cleaners. Igienol now enjoys fresh and refreshing brand visuals, improved shelf stand-out and dynamic layouts design to differentiate the brand and reflect its inspirational new positioning.

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