adriana branea

administrative assistant

A tinkering genius, Adriana challenges both Marian and Melania in device repairs and DIY projects. Her most flaring passion, however, is her motorcycle – she enjoys long rides with no directions to follow. Instead, she follows her dog in adventurous walks and frequently gives in to her weakness for Chinese food.

personal favourites

tester grup savana doncafé

anca niculae

project manager & partner

Anca enjoys roadtrips and is totally absorbed by her match-made-in-heaven hobby – wakeboarding. Her super speed superpower made her famous among Brandtailors’ delighted and delightful clients.

personal favourites

doncafé apla pufina

andreea florea

managing partner

Among the few things that could get Andreea to take her nose out of a book is an exciting branding project and probably another book. For a few years now, she’s been enjoying a crush on Khaled Hosseini and a soft spot for her spoilt brat of a cat, Hei.

personal favourites

peak apla tr. urban sinaia

marian georgescu

junior brand designer

Marian enjoys repairing all kinds of devices and ‘improving’ current technologies whenever he catches a break from video games, one of his favourite pastimes. He also likes playing ping pong and chess, watching movies and designing brand books.


melania moisi

creative partner

Probably the most passionate product brand designer in the world, Melania is an enthusiastic gardner with an interest in applied psychology. She also loves her dogs, long outdoor walks and DIY projects.


mihai părpălea

partner & desktop publisher

Whenever he’s had enough color coding in Brandtailors projects, Mihai goes on to discover other types of coding (web programming) and decoding (sudoku). Mihai enjoys loud rock music.

personal favourites

ambasador vascar zuzu max

mircea constantinescu

creative partner

Mircea is serious about food, fun and friends and has a certain kind of curiosity about science trivia that will eventually take him to the end of the internet. As he likes to put it himself, “one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your life is to stop listening to new music”.

personal favourites

teamnet tr. urban sinaia agricola