doncafé horeca

| package design development

In a dynamic segment of the coffee market cluttered by safe approaches and category cliches, Doncafé Horeca needed to find its unique voice and courage to break the current category pattern. Our client trusted us to create a design that breaks category rules and has a distinctive approach in the market.

And that is exactly what we did: we used bold block colours never before seen in the professional part of the coffee market. We decided to base the package design concept on the professionals behind the bars, so that Doncafé became the first mainstream coffee brand that truly sees the baristas and acknowledges their craftsmanship. The main focus of the designs are tools capably used in professional coffee preparation that were individually associated to each product. Unlike in our retail designs, we exiled the detailed product information on the back of the pack, as information considered secondary for experienced professionals who know their coffee – the back of pack design contains relevant data, clearly structured and superbly designed for every product.

Thus, Doncafé became the first coffee brand to celebrate baristas and coffee professionals and really speak their native language. When it comes to professional baristas, it takes one to know one, and Doncafé Horeca knows them all.

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