| rebranding

A true icon of Romanian identity, Rom is both the oldest and the coolest brand in the chocolate bars category. Because ‚old’ needs stability and ‚cool’ requires constant updates, the new Rom brand identity ticks all the mandatory boxes (Romanian flag as package background, red logo with double outline, blue as the main brand color), while introducing the necessary updates to keep it fresh and cool to the new generations of Romanian chocolate enthusiasts:

– an improved contemporary logotype to replace the current tilted one
– livelier colours for the flag, logo and everything else on the pack
– mouth watering product shots to increase the food appeal and clarify the offering
– a crystal clear color coding system to help differentiate between the brand’s many products
– a balanced, easy to read and beautiful typeface for the product descriptors
– a cool new icon style for product displays and communication materials to help individualize each product

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