pufina 2022

| rebranding

Since the first time we worked on the brand back in 2016, Pufina became one of the leading brands on the toilet paper, napkins & paper towels market and a lovemark chosen and appreciated by the Romanian consumers. Given the market developments and increased efforts made by the competition, Pufina was in need of a stronger shelf stand-out and visibility, to support its unique positioning as both soft and strong, a feminine brand based on pleasant perfumes and a decorative approach.

First of all, we adjusted the brand architecture to further strenghten the core brand. The new architecture better highlights the premium Select range and specialised products with a narrower addressability.

The white stamp shape previously used as a package design element now becomes an iconic element that is part of the logo – this makes the visual identity more compact and so much easier to use on any background.

The new package design concept is obviously superior in terms of visibility and differentiation, the colorful packages, use of photography and dynamic layout design making Pufina impossible to miss at the retail shelf level. The functional iconography style was particularly appreciated by both the consumer and our client, as one of the features that render the brand all the more contemporary.

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