| rebranding

Primola, the youthful chocolate brand in Kandia Dulce’s portfolio, is widely appreciated for its cream chocolate products. Its only issue was that the old package design couldn’t keep up with the irresistibly delicious chocolate tablets and pralines and so the marketing specialists working on Primola approached us with the challenge to develop a new design approach to better represent the products.

Our first decision was to simplify the logo, both in terms of graphic elements and in terms of occupied space on the package design, thus clearing the way for better product representation and food appeal on the package front. Then we chose a darker, more premium shade of blue as a brand colour to communicate the product intrinsic quality.

The package design concept is focused on conveying a simple message: the melty chocolate is full of deliciously double-flavoured cream filling. In order to accomplish this simple task, we used a generous concept and decided to position Primola as a dessert, rather than a simple chocolate tablet/praline, thus giving the cream fillings a key part in the structure of the package design.

The complex taste and subtle flavour of Primola deserved a brand image inspired from upscale plating techniques presented in cooking shows and, more importantly, the Instagram-ready approach on food photos that Primola’s youthful target audience uses and appreciates.

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