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POTRIVIT is the new economy brand we designed for our client Carnia. From the strategic positioning and brand rhetoric all the way to the package design execution and other visual manifestations, Potrivit is the perfect expression of the producer’s strong commitment to developing honest meat-based products and proudly market them to the price oriented Romanian consumers.

The brand name Potrivit could be roughly translated as ‘good enough’ and it stands for the brand’s core promise to its consumers – to cut costs from all the stages of production and distribution, except the product itself. Thus, the ingre­dients, recipes and meat percentages will always be optimal, while the lower shelf price of the brand is based on production efficiency, minimal advertising investments and a smart distribution system with particular commercial restrictions designed to minimize losses.

The package design concept originates from the classic discount coupon and uses strong vibrant colors to ensure shelf stand out and visibility, given the lack of advertising budget of this brand. The template developed for the label designs makes it easy and cheap for the producer to launch more products and develop were labels designs using existing company resources, with no additional costs. The absence of photos or complex custom-made illustrations has the same explanation and goal: make the designs as cost-efficient as and keep the prices of the products as low as possible.

The brand communication style is set to be merely informative and straightforward, thus making it easy and pleasant for the target audience to interact with such an honest no-bullshit brand.

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