| design refreshment

Igienol, the leading non-chlorine disinfectants brands on the Romani­an market, needed a design refreshment to keep it up to date and better accommodate the move product launches in the previous years.

Since its first brand design project in 2010, Igienol has evolved from a number of four products to an impre­ssive portfolio of over 20 sku’s ten years later .

Our branding project included a visual identity facelift, a more consis­tent brand architecture solution and numerous slight adjustments of the package design – different background patterns for every type of surface, a better visual display of the surfaces and objects recommended to clean with every product, clearer information of the usages and benefits, a superior graphic system for product differentiation in the current wider product portfolio.

The most important aspect of the project was to keep the brand’s core strategic positioning as a strong believer in the children’s freedom to play safely in a happy carefree environment.

Ultimately, we sure hope that our project will contribute to maintaining the brand’s high loyalty rates and Igienol’s celebration of the true guardians of children’s safety and happiness – their loving caring moms.

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