grand reserve

| rebranding

Grand Reserve is a complete make over of the Beciul Domnesc Grand Reserve premium wines range. Unable to fulfill its true potential as a sub-brand, Grand Reserve became a strong stand-alone presence in the premium brands segment of the Romanian wine industry, discreetly endorsed by Beciul Domnesc.

A compliment to its Moldavian heritage and high-quality products, Grand Reserve is strategically positioned around the concept of storytelling – referring both to the centuries old story of wine making in Moldavia and the stories we tell each other while enjoying a glass of good wine. The brand is the threshold between histories and contemporary stories, between the long standing tradition of wine making in the eastern region of Romania and our own personal stories.

The visual identity is based on a beautiful handwritten logotype, chosen to directly express how special these wines are and how personally involved the wine makers are. Every detail of this label is well thought of, there is nothing lacking and nothing excessive, the proportions are perfectly balanced so that the design brings a premium brand to life using only black ink on white paper.

The key visual on the package design is a decorative letter in the style of the initial letters in classic fairy tale books, theme-adjusted to properly represent the category. Every illustration is unique to the type of wine and represents the initials of the wine name (CS for Cabernet Sauvignon, TR for Tămâioasă Românească etc.). The charming visuals are hand drawn illustrations developed by Bianca Dumitrașcu. Bianca is an award-winning typography designer, internationally acclaimed for her passion for and mastership of letters.

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