doncafé (serbia)

| package design development

Doncafé is the most modern and one of the most appreciated coffee brands on the Serbian market. With a strong positioning on the morning consumption moment and a clear association with smell and the colour red, Doncafé package needed a contemporary design that would express the core of the brand.

We came up with an exciting design concept that portrays the different kinds of mornings every product in the Doncafé range delivers: Moment – for peaceful mornings, Minas – for relaxed mornings spent together and Strong – for recharging mornings before busy days. The Doncafé cup is an iconic visual association of the brand in Serbia, so we managed to express the benefit of every product and to differentiate between the three products using only the proprietary cup, without crowding the artwork with other elements. The coffee also looks more natural and appetizing, creating a pleasant morning atmosphere with the rising sun reflecting in the coffee cup.

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