doncafé instant

| naming & denomination system & package design development

Despite the overall achievements as one of the best performing coffee brands in Romania, Doncafe Instant range is the number 3 brand in the sub-category, mainly due to the challenging competitors with more relevant heritage in the instant coffee segment. The package design for this range was not only lagging behind its competitors, but also was not yet in line with the brand’s positioning and package design concept of the Doncafe umbrella.

We started by highlighting the consumer benefit and relating it to the sub-brand (Selected revitalizes me, Elita wakes me up etc.) in order to create a genuine emotion for the consumer and make the products personally relevant to them. Expressing the benefits from the consumer perspective also helps a great deal in this respect.

We enhanced the brand’s shelf stand out and visibility by using powerful contrasting colors – the metallic silver background color gives the brand premiumness and contributes to its contemporary look & feel and high quality perception. The ‘me moments’ package design concept, the logical reading order of the elements, the highlight on the appealing product shot and the redesigned symbols, icons and back label puts the brand in the centre of the attention of a more contemporary and sophisticated instant coffee consumer.

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