| rebranding

The strong number two player on the Romanian insecticides brands and the leader of the category in Greece and Cyprus, where it celebrates a long-standing market presence of about 60 years, Aroxol needed a brand repositioning in order to rewire to the contemporary consumers’ language, needs and expectations. As a result of a comprehensive brand audit followed by an extensive analysis of both the competitive landscape and the target consumers’ desires and reservations towards the category, we developed Aroxol new positioning – ‘harmful to insects, harmless to people’, thus claiming product efficiency against insects and protection for the entire family in the household, an aspect that had been totally neglected by the insecticides category. The ‘no tresspassing’ package design concept further builds on the double benefit of the brand (efficiency/protection) by materialising a strong barrier between insects and people as the brand’s icon. The color coding based product portfolio structure closely follows the brand arhitecture, built on the insect type criteria (products against flying insects, crawling insects, moths, food moths, universal products etc.).

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