ana și cornel

| rebranding

Ana și Cornel, an important FMCG brand on the Romanian market, went through a complex rebranding process that included a new strategic direction as well as design enhancement for both the logo and package design.

The positioning of the brand is rooted in the idea of taste that was further implemented for the slogan and the brand architecture. We reshaped the brand slogan by fusing a part of the old one with the new strategy and created “Familia de Gusturi” (The Family of Tastes). As for the brand architecture, we devised five categories of tastes based on the product portfolio.

For the design approach we conducted a series of workshops and a consumer research study based on which we decided to keep the iconic characters in the logo, but give them a contemporary look and feel. The package design enhances the brand positioning through its modern approach an unique pattern that was developed based on the products and the taste they represent.

Moreover, we created the visual language for the brand materials that was implemented on several formats such as poster, flyer, outdoor, product catalogue and other communication materials.

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