liga performanței în natație

| rebranding

Swimming Performance League is a Romanian NGO that took on the mission to support and encourage the new generation of Romanian swimmers. Its activities include organizing competitions, promoting participants, offering performance training sessions for parents, swimmers and coaches.

The first thing we realized during our briefing sessions was that the visual identity failed to represent the achievements the organization had registered within the short period since its establishment in 2018. Our mission was to empower the brand by creating a visual identity that would emphasize its core attributes and make it appealing to partners, sponsors and international swimming organizations.

The design of the logo displays a top-view minimalist interpretation of a swimmer between the pool lanes. Moreover, we chose the chromatic for the logo in order to strengthen its affiliation with Romania. The proprietary graphic symbol inspired by a podium and the photographic style are meant to support the logo in communicating the brand’s personality traits.

Since its launch, the rebranding project has been highly appreciated by all the stakeholders of the organization – in their own words, the new brand image gives the organization the visual stand-out and memorability it truly deserves.

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