| new brand development

Ana și Cornel, an important FMCG producer on the Romanian market, used the same brand for its product brand, corporate brand and retail network for almost 25 years. Consequently, the unique brand favoured consumer messages and associations, so the corporate stance was left to itself. After a complex brand audit and a series of workshops, we decided against keeping all the brand stances together and went on to create and develop a true corporate brand.

The name of the brand, Carnia, is created in order to evoke the entirety of a kingdom. Moreover, the name is reinforced through a memorable visual concept: the coat of arms, a flag and a unique set of symbols and chromatic pallete.

The primary attributes of the company are conceptualized within the logo. On the red background we illustrated the meat texture, which represents the main activity of the company. The orange background reinforces one of the business philosophies: the connections between people, which are the main factor in the sustainable evolution of the company. On the turquoise background we have interconnection as an element of stability and continuity. Lastly, through the crown we expressed the kingdom that inspires Carnia team members to keep and exceed the excellence standards of the company.

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