beciul domnesc

| rebranding

Vincon, one of the most prestigious wine producers in Romania, launched a full fledged rebranding process designed to engage its complex system of audiences and properly support its rich portfolio of product brands.

We decided to take the more challenging route of a corporate name change for our client, since the success and leadership of their product brand, Beciul Domnesc, was acting as an anchor of awareness and pride for all people involved with the company: employees, clients, partners and local communities. During the brand audit stage, we discovered a powerful symbol at the core of the company. It is the depository of the Moldavians pride for the centuries-old tradition of wine making in the eastern part of our country – the actual Royal Cellar, a historical monument and cultural milestone dating as far back as Stephan the Great’s rule of Moldavia (the second half of the fifteenth century).

Following this conceptual line, the logo symbol depicts wine leaves in the shape of the iconic and well-acknowledged crown of Stephan the Great. The logo faithfully represents our client’s reverence for wine making and their full commitment to irreproachable product quality in all their brands. The brand color scheme balances the visual identity towards freshness and nature, thus representing the company’s focus on wine growing, in addition to wine making. The company currently manages more than 1400 ha of noble vines, distributed in no less than four distinct vineyards all across Moldavia: Cotești, Odobești, Panciu and Huși.

Along with the brand slogan, the company name is to be accompanied by a descriptor (‚compania’/’the company’) that would properly clarify its position, given the fact that it shared the name with the product brand Beciul Domnesc, a well-appreciated brand and enjoying great awareness levels.

Our strategic and design solutions are only scratching the surface of representing these people’s unrelenting hard work and eyes-glittering passion for the traditional art of turning grapes into wine.

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