beciul domnesc momumentul

| new brand development

The symbol of wine making traditions in Moldavia and the beating heart of the Beciul Domnesc company, the fourteenth century monument in Vrancea is unique in the area and the best preserved building of its kind. Built during Stephan the Great’s reign, Beciul Domnesc has always had the purpose it has today – to preserve and improve the most precious Moldavian wines for the benefit of the wine drinking elites throughout the centuries.

It is the first time in its history that the monument received a visual identity and we decided it should be contemporary – to reflect the present times rather than to try and mimic the visual characteristics of the previous centuries. The logo symbol is an iconic representation of the cellar’s open doors, while the visual style of the brand depicts more subtly the brand story and the central idea of the monument’s existence: the unique gift of turning fresh nature into pure gold.

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